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It is rare that a newspaper, large or small, joins with its community the way The News Reporter has, with its events, donations, and staff volunteerism. 

Especially when economic times are hard, most corporations fold up their "unnecessary" programs that don't improve the profit line.

We are fortunate here in Columbus County to have a family-run newspaper, run by a family like the Highs. They understand that it is these very times when their community needs them the most, and they continue their support.

We could not have organized Walk With Jesus, and it absolutely could not have been produced, without the support of The News Reporter. They contributed everything from staff time, to equipment, free advertising, and full pages for organization, instruction and coverage of this event. 
Check out our little media page for links to some of the publicity we've received these past few weeks...
Our expenses overran our donations for this community event, so local photographer and News Reporter staffer Fuller Royal has donated his photos of the day to help out.

Visit the Latest Photos section of for a gallery of photos by Royal, Mark Gilchrist and others. Most are available for sale at a special rate. Purchase an 8x10 color print in matte or gloss finish for $25, with free shipping, and the Walk With Jesus project will receive all of the proceeds, about $19.

Coming soon, photos of every sidewalk square!
Gary Collier photo from Dawson Simmons' plane.
As they planned a massive event that had never been attempted before, organizers of Walk With Jesus were anxious right up to the very day, whether it would be received as well as they had hoped for months.

All that anxiety disappeared within the hour Sunday morning as an estimated more than 1,000 people appeared out of the sunrise to attend an Easter service and hand write, using chalk on sidewalk, the entire New Testament.

Early estimates are that at least 80-90 percent of the 27 books were completed. Photographs of each sidewalk square are being taken and will be posted online in the next few weeks.

Reporters from three of the area television networks covered the event, as well as several newspapers, including the News & Observer of Raleigh and The

To help organize an event for 2013, we need your input. Please tell us your inspiring stories about how you felt before, during and after Walk With Jesus. What would you change? How may it be improved? Just leave a comment below.
What a day!

I was so busy enjoying it all, that I couldn't take many photographs, but here are some of my pics. 

Several photographers were there, and when they post their photos, I'll link to them for you.

Chris Seward of the News & Observer came down here Tuesday and filed these photos.
Takaaki Iwabu, also of the N&O, visited Whiteville Sunday morning and filed these photos.
The media have a lot of gear, and for other reasons, we have a small parking area set out for them. Please just enter the Handicap Parking lot off Lee Street and park way in the back of it. 

Media may also use our wi-fi inside, if you can track down a News Reporter employee to let you in. 

Contact Mark Gilchrist at (910) 207-1920 for help.

You will find a good crowd of writers in the BB&T north lot (very top of this photo). Also check out the depot which should have about 60 writers on the rear covered platform (Batten Pavilion.)

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Sidewalks around Whiteville are ready for writing, with signposts for each book, and every square labeled. Participants will simple walk to the numbered tile on their sheet, kneel and write. Service starts at 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Writing at 7 a.m. 

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Here is the schedule for the sunrise service.

Organizers have prepared extensively for a first-of-its-kind event Easter morning, and having cleared a major hurdle, are ready for a tremendous and joyous turnout.

One factor that could have ruined all the intricate plans for this unique outdoor event was rain, even just a little of which would have put a stop to any writing with chalk on the sidewalk. But forecasts are firmly predicting zero chance of showers Sunday.
Markers are appearing down Madison Street and some

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